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I am a Holistic Therapist and a Divine Transformational Healer. I combine my intuitive healing abilities as a Reiki Master with my professional training as a therapist to assist my clients in transforming their lives.

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Intuitive Healing Session

(In person or virtual)

An Intuitive Healing Session begins with us talking and getting clear on what and how you have been blocked in your life and what is keeping you from moving forward. I then utilize Intuitive Healing to guide you to breakthrough physically, mentally, spiritually and emotionally. These sessions utilize counseling, guided meditations, and Reiki.

Reiki Attunements

Attunements are designed to take a person further into Reiki. There are levels 1, 2, and Master. Contact me for further details. These are typically done in a group format, however I can adapt this to fit the individual.

Request Appointment via Psychology Today

You can now connect with me for mental health counseling through Psychology Today. I am taking insurance and seeing people either in person or virtual.

Request Appointment via Simple Practice

This appointment is for those wanting to schedule therapy directly. This is private pay and does not go through your insurance. Please use this if you are transferring services or plan to do Telehealth.

Who can benefit from my services?

Individuals struggling with addiction, anxiety, PTSD, or simply someone who wants to grow. I provide traditional therapy but these alternatives as well.

What is reiki?

Reiki is a healing technique based on the principle that the therapist can channel energy into the patient by means of touch, to activate the natural healing processes of the patient's body and restore physical and emotional well-being.

What is an attunement?

Attunement is what makes reiki unique from other forms of healing touch and energy work. This ceremony, called Reiju (Ray-joo) in Japanese, is performed by the reiki master during each level to open and expand the main energy channels of the student's body, allowing universal energy, also known as Qi/Chi/Ki, to flow more freely and deeply through them. It tends to clear blockages in the body and can lead to significant energy changes within the individual. Many will undergo an intense period of self-growth following their attunements. You can think of the attunement process like a transfer of energy: The master is passing energy off to the student, who will then possess it for life.

About Amber

Photo of Amber Kwentus Intuitive Life Coaching

I am a Holistic Therapist and a Divine Transformational Healer. I began my ascension journey in 2013 when I was attuned to a Reiki Master. In the first four years of Reiki I did my own self healing before I began to work on others in 2017. Between 2017 and 2020 I started doing energy healing as a business as well as becoming a licensed mental health counselor. I utilize my background in psychology to assist with the energy healing that I provide. I am passionate about assisting others where they are at in their journey to coming home to their highest and truest self.

Photo of Amber Kwentus Intuitive Life Coaching

Free Guided Meditation

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Client Reviews

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Amber is such a down to earth and compassionate woman with a healing capacity that is paramount! I had a one-on-one healing with her yesterday and today I feel like a completely different person.

I’ve been doing deep inner work the past 2 months over fears around money because I could literally feel the anxiety in my body when I would talk about money. Today, I feel no fear or anxiety in my body!!!! WOW. I wasn’t expecting that at all.

Most potent and unique healing session I’ve had.

We went into the past to forgive myself about the money habits I picked up from my parents and then went into the future to envision me feeling like the Queen I am.

This will change everything.

I’m so grateful for Amber and helping me transform my life 🧡🧡🧡

—Allison Strini

Amber is an excellent healer and guide! I highly recommend her work to those who are ready to let go of their baggage. In her guided meditation and energy clearing sessions, I have been able to release deep old energies and incorporate new ones which have propelled my life in a positive way. There are many changes and energy shifts that happen immediately, but they seem to further deepen over the next few days and even weeks. My experience has been to level up each session without sliding back into old patterns of thinking or feeling.

Amber really cares for her clients and truly wants them to fully succeed. It has been a real gift to be able to work with her!

—David Riddle

Amber’s quantum activation session was hands down the most magical experience I’ve ever had. This was both a deeply healing and enlightening experience transcending all physical and emotional limitations. It was so cool! I mean honestly so cool - you have to experience it. You will thank yourself and find yourself using the technique on your own, as I have.

Our session began with Amber listening to my feelings and situation that was troubling me. She then led me through a magical QA meditation experience. I did not know this type of healing existed. My higher-self went into the past & became present with me in moments of deep sadness & intense uncertainty providing me comfort that no one else could provide; it had to come from within. Amber’s quantum activation gave me that opportunity. It was nothing short of magical & something I wish for everyone to experience.

I highly recommend Amber and her services for anyone who needs help with healing trauma, eliminating negative feelings from past, present and future life, or just to assist individuals that are experiencing spiritual awakening and need guidance. I appreciate her level of compassion and understanding, she made me feel heard and safe and then provided me access to the healing. Forever grateful.


Amber is kind, compassionate, loving, beautiful inside and out and very knowledgeable about healing. She has lived this. She feels like home to me; a breath of fresh air. After the first reiki session I ever had with Amber came a major breakthrough in my life. She helped me to guide past pains of grief and shame to the light and bring understanding and peace to my mind body and spirit. Within a year of that session I stepped into my own journey as a healer. I received my Reiki 1 attunement with Amber as my Master/Teacher. It has been both an honor and a blessing. If you are apprehensive about stepping into a healing session, Amber will make you feel safe, loved, welcomed and at ease. Give yourself this gift of healing and love by scheduling a session. Your future self will thank you.

Love and light to all of you on your journey 💗

—Caylee Durham

I just participated in Amber’s inner child healing workshop! Wow! It was so Powerful! I was able to heal many layers of childhood trauma. This class also brought me closer to my father who passed away in 2013! It was such a beautiful 6 weeks, I honestly don’t feel I have the words to describe it properly! I am forever grateful I was able to attend!! 🥰

—Dawn Hutoka

Hello, my name is Tami and I have been on a fast and furious spiritual awakening/journey for about a year. Amber contacted me Nov. 10th about her Master class she was starting in December. We set up a zoom call for that Saturday the 14th. Well, in between there on Thursday the 12th I had to go to the doctor and found out that some news I didn't want to hear and it took me back to a really bad place with my mother. A lot of my medical problems were caused by some of the things that happened to me in my childhood. When I got home from the doctor that afternoon I went out to burn some trash and my garage caught on fire and burned. It really turned out to be a bad day. I totally isolated myself the rest of that week and tried to sort out my feelings. So when Amber called me on Saturday and we did the zoom session she saw right where I was she saw my pain and she met me right there. She told me in her gentle most loving way that she knew something that could help me. She took me on a timeline meditation. We went back to the time where most of my pain began. I'm not going to say it's easy, but I felt immediate relief after that session was over. It's not an easy process it's not a fast process but there is so much more light at the end of my tunnel. I know that I'm called to be a healer, but I have to heal myself before I can help the collective. I'm so thankful that Amber called and she shared her gift with me and helped release my pain. No more dwelling in the past living in darkness and despair no more perforated heart, a healing heart radiating light and love. Thank you Amber your call came just in time. 💚

—Tami Lynn

Love some Amber!!!! Her skills and professionality are beyond compare. I always leave her feeling so much better than when I went in.

She definitely knows her stuff and is an intuitive master in the art of Reiki. She is also nice enough she even came to us! I feel blessed that I met her and have her in my circle of professionals and friends now too!

—Ami Amore

I had my house on the market for months with multiple contracts that fell thru. I felt stuck and like we were never going to sell. So I reached out and asked Amber to come Sage to get the “bad” energy out! Within a couple of days of her coming we had a successful contract on the home and things started moving along FAST!! Thank you Amber for your services!

—Krystal Hagen

Brilliant, gifted and professional, Amber came to my home for a house clearing and reiki. Amber radiates Love. She drove over an hour to be here and provided all the necessary supplies. I highly recommend her and will absolutely have her back again.

—Beth Nelson

I was very impressed with Amber's abilities and professionalism. Definitely helped with a couple of pains I was having and completely eliminated one of them. A very spiritual and moving experience. Highly recommend and will be doing it again.

—Kelly Paige

Amber is an amazing intuitive healer! Even living long distance here in Australia I could feel her reiki healing energy shifting blocks. She is closely connected to Spirit and approaches all clients with so much heartfelt love.

—Penni Moussa

I saw Amber at a fair for a mini session and I loved it! Amber was very inviting, informative, and helpful! She took the time to answer my numerous questions and explain what was happening! She followed up with me several times and offered more suggestions! Amber is patient, kind and refreshing and I will definitely go see her again!

—Amber Neeley Oseland

I had the most beautiful experience with Amber some amazing energies were present with us- Arch Angel Micheal, Mother Mary, Metatron and my guides. It was so beautiful! She came to me in a distance healing and helped guide a dark entity that was attached to my inner child to the light. She’s so incredibly beautiful. Highly recommend a session with her! 💗🙏

—Lisa Fernandez

Wow is where I would start with explaining what my first experience was like with Amber's Reiki session. I had major spiritual experiences throughout the process where she connected the chakra energy to very recent thoughts and where I was at in my life. Afterwards, Amber explained the chakras and how I can use the session to continue to find balance in life. Thank you Amber and I am looking forward to our next session!!

—Kalli Erwin

I took my daughter to see Amber, and she was terrific. She was very inviting, informative, relatable and she gave worthy feedback. She even took the time to follow up with me and to give further suggestions!!

—Melanie Wilson Miller

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Photo of Amber Kwentus Intuitive Life Coaching

“Vulnerability is our greatest strength. If we are always broken, we can never break.”

—from the Divine Feminine Oracle Deck


If you feel called to speak with me further about how I might be able to assist you on your healing journey, please send me a message and LET'S CHAT!